opcodeCMS PHP Framework

The opcodeCMS PHP Framework is a powerful and extremely user-friendly content management system, which can offer you almost all you might want from a CMS. Try it and you will admit: Finally, an easy to use and simple yet complete CMS-solution! Below you find a visual overview over all existing modules. Simply click on an image to get to the respective information page. (Module descriptions are, however, in German language only.)

Text Editing Module Standard Pages Module Menu Module News Module Event Module Products Module Resellers/Shops Module Jobs Module FAQs Module Reviews/Articles Module Downloads Module Team Module Tasks Module Courses/Seminars Module Publications Module Projects Module Picture Galery Module Imageflow Module Slideshow Module Testimonials Module Links Module References/Partners Module Real Estate Module Exhibitions/Trade Fairs Module Programmes/Performances Module Literature/Texts Module Movies/Videos Module Music/Audio Module Places of Interest Module Accommodation/Hotels Module Food and Drinks Module Journal Module Bulletin Board Module Directory Module Chronicle/CV Module Glossary Module Languages/Countries/Currencies Module Tags User Management Module
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