opcodeCMS: The Content Management System (CMS) Where Everything Fits Together...

The opcodeCMS PHP Framework is a powerful and extremely user-friendly content management system in German language, which can offer you almost all you might want from a CMS. However:

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system (CMS) resp. web content management system (WCMS) enables publishers and editors of web pages to create and edit content without the need to have any programming skills.

Who needs a CMS?

To put it short: anyone who runs a website and wants to be able to do edits but does not have programming skills. (In order to try the opcodeCMS simply apply for your test login data!)*

What does the opcodeCMS offer?
  • Resulting from the easy usage (via an login-protected administration area) the opcodeCMS is almost self-explanatory and well suited even for Internet-novices – which does not mean that you have to miss advanced features like user and rights management.
  • There are no design limits – except from the constraints set by today’s Internet standards.
  • The over 30 existing modules (from downloads to user management – descriptions in German language only) cover almost every need of small to medium enterprises and organizations regarding their web presence. All modules are optionally available for the administration of bilingual (German and English) contents.
  • All modules are created from one hand and are thus perfectly matched to each other.
  • All modules offer additional to their basic functionality many advanced options and features. This means for you that you just pay for what you currently need. Feature upgrades can be ordered any time later and are activated immediately.
  • Even if a feature which you need is not yet included, we can easily extend any module individually for you. The clever framework architecture in addition allows for a very cost efficient coding of custom tailored modules.
  • Especially in comparison to popular OpenSource-solutions there are a number of important advantages.

* The administration interface is currently available in German language only